Dry cleaning / ironing

Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

All our garments need timely cleaning and care. As far as the easy stuff like shirts can be washed at home or in a laundry without any significant issue. When it comes to outwear it is a “different story”. Cloth made from expensive fabrics needs a special care.

Unskilled cleaning leads to disastrous and irreversible results. Never attempt to clean sensitive items at home and avoid cleaning in unfamiliar dry cleaners. You should also remember that clothing should not be cleaned unless it becomes necessary. Frequent dry cleaning may affect the fabric.

Ironing your garments should also be done with special care not to damage the structure of the fabric and the shape of item. It is better if an experienced professional performs this process.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» offers free cleaning and care for the garments created by our tailors. However, this service can be used only once in 6 months. Having trusted us with the cleaning and care of your garments, you can rest assured that the people who are directly involved in the creation of your elite garments are the best to cope with this work.

Please remember that proper care of your garments will help in keeping and saving its original form!