Loro Piana

Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

In 1941 the management of the company was inherited by the nephew of Pietro – Franco. He has successfully developed the company, which became famous as a supplier of fabrics for well known hi-end fashion houses, as well as an textile exporter in many other countries. Phenomenal fact is that that Loro Piana Franco did all this in the difficult period just after the Second World War. In the seventies, sons of Franco – Serge and Pierre Brought the corporation to the level of global fame and achieved leading position in the production and sale of fabrics.

Today, Loro Piana owns over 132 shops indifferent corners of the world and 10 factories. 6 of these factories are located in Italy, 3 in the USA and one in Mongolia.Loro Piana fabric is a superior quality fabric under a well-known name.Luxurious fabrics of Loro Piana has won the hearts and minds of many fans among the people who value quality and prestige long ago.