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Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men`s wedding suits

Undoubtedly, a wedding is a significant event in the life of every man, marking the beginning of a new stage in his life. Congratulations from loved ones, many flowers, a sparkling wedding-hall, joyful smiles, and the most beautiful bride. This is a special day dedicated to only two people. All eyes are on a bride. Indeed, the girls have such a wide selection of outfits. Of course, your woman should look like a queen, but next to her should be no less beautiful king.

Men`s wedding suits are also a piece of art. Since there is only one hero of the occasion, his outfit must be appropriate. Wedding suits differ from casual and even the most elegant ones. This is a special jacket, trousers and, optionally, a vest. Accessories that adorn a men’s wedding suit are being selected according to the principle – for a special event of a special man. On this day you will feel a lot of attention. You are definitely to have memories for life, and there are still a lot of photos and video material, which you will probably often look through.

Custom tailoring of men`s wedding suits is a guarantee that you will look perfect. Thus, you shall always be pleased to remember the wedding day, especially if the photos are in a prominent place in your home. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, you need to take care of comfort. Without any doubt you shall be excited about celebration so much, therefore men`s wedding suits are being created individually, taking into account all the features, to save you from unnecessary trouble. And this, in turn, is an earnest that you will feel confident and comfortable.

A true gentleman should not be overshadowed by the beauty of a bride-to-be. Next to a luxurious lady must be a charming, courageous and elegant man. A man`s wedding suit can emphasize the above qualities and make a bride feast her eyes on you.

How wedding suits differ from casual ones?

Of course, there are no exact definitions by which this or that outfit can be classified as a wedding suit. However, it is undoubted that the clothes should be diverse, just like a wedding day varies from everyday life. Men’s wedding suit must differ from the costumes of other men at the celebration. If a fiancé puts on a standard jacket, suitable for many solemn events, then he will not stand out among elegant guests. The wedding suit should point to the groom so that even a stranger when seeing you, could say: “This is the bridegroom!”.

  • Ткани Scabal

    The outfit should be bright, memorable, sophisticated. There are several ways to achieve this. It can be either a special shade or a game of colors: a jacket of one color, trousers of another, eye-catching tie, etc. A tailor will help you with all this.

  • Ткани Loro Piana

    The dress of the bride must be taken into account. Perhaps she will choose a non-standard color, then it is advisable to correspond with it in the form of small details on your shirt, a jacket so that you look as one together.

  • Ткани Loro Piana

    And the last, a well-chosen and tailored groom’s suit is a whole process, from the right choice of fabric, its colors, to the style and accessories. The good item is one that suits you completely and this can be achieved only through individual tailoring.

Типы тканей

Men’s suits: the secrets of creation

The tailor personally meets with the client and finds out his preferences. In addition to the general ideas about the future outfit given by a customer, he takes into account such details of appearance as eye and hair color and even a type of figure. The company uses bespoke technology, which means that 80% of creating clothing work is done manually. About 30 measurements are taken as well as a client’s photo in four projections at this process. After we get all the necessary data, an individual pattern is created. All details are tacked manually, and then their compliance with the given standards is checked. For accuracy, we do one or two fittings.

Fabric for the jacket, trousers and lining material are chosen together with the tailor`s help. Various sewing accessories options are being considered too. One can choose bridal fabric in Kyiv of a premium-quality from manufacturers such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Scabal. The woolen fabric made by them occupies a leading position in the world of textile production for several decades.

Which groom`s suit is better to choose?

Together with the tailor, you can choose the option that suits you the most. We know that our customers are business people who know the price of time, therefore we strive to simplify and speed up the selection process. The tailor is guided by your preferences. Below are examples of the most common options:

  • Ткани Scabal

    Three-piece suit.

    This choice makes it possible to experiment with color, design, type of cut. It is also practical because the jacket can be temporarily taken off on a hot summer day and a person may be dressed in a vest, which looks no less solemn.

  • Ткани Loro Piana

    Two-piece suit.

    You can choose from the styles: more modern Italian and conservative English. Each of them has its characteristics. For example, in Italian one, there is a special length of the trousers or a fitted silhouette.

  • Итальянский стиль


    This type of evening wear is very similar to a jacket but has many differences. Men put it on only for important, very solemn events, which include a wedding. Tuxedos have some characteristics, consisting of: silk and satin lapels, a stand-up collar on a shirt, bow-ties and cummerbunds used as accessories, a velvet collar, trousers with piping.

    A bow-tie and a pocket square are worn with a tuxedo. A shirt should be only white. You can also wear a vest. It should be either white to match the color of the shirt, or it also may be like a bow-tie color. Usually, tuxedos are sewn from the dark fabric of blue or black colors, but there are bright unusual coloring patterns. If we are talking about the wedding option, then you can choose beige, blue, silver shades.

    The trousers should have special satin pipes. Usually, it is narrow straight fit trousers. One cannot wear a belt with it; instead, a tuxedo sash belt or suspenders are used. Typically, the color of the bow-tie matches the color of the belt. The tuxedo will appeal to conservative grooms, thus their outfit will look very romantic and, besides, it is difficult to find something more elegant.

  • Английский стиль


    This type of clothing has been popular for several centuries. France is considered to be its homeland where they appeared in the XVIII century. Once it was dressed up only by important persons for special events. Time passed, but almost nothing has changed. And today, a wedding tailcoat is the height of chic and sophistication. Its traditional color is dark gray or black.

    Its characteristic feature is a rear skirt part, known as the tails. The tailcoat does not need to be buttoned up; it is worn under a smart white shirt. Often a white pocket square is chosen. You can wear a white vest over a shirt. To make a strict look more refined, you can use a neckerchief instead of a traditional bow-tie. Also, do not forget the boutonniere, carefully selected following the bride’s bouquet.

    Tailcoat style basics: double-breasted fit, buttons are never fastened, the length of the folds is on the knees level, and the front end is slightly below the waist, the color and material of the trousers are identical to a tailcoat. Perhaps the tailcoat is the most conservative choice for a wedding. He will always look solemn, elegant. It is chosen by those who treat the wedding with awe.

  • Smart casual

    Wedding accessories

    Additional elements can make the image holistic and harmonious. A wrong chosen tie or bow tie can ruin everything. At first, a jacket style, its design is being determined, and only then it is time to think about accessories.

    Tie. Shirts with a certain collar shape are suitable for different types of ties. As for the shades, it should be darker than the shirt color, but lighter than a jacket. You need to choose carefully since it is important to take into account the color and texture of the fabric itself, as well as the features of your appearance: the color of skin and hair and even growth. Besides, the tie should only be made from natural materials.

    Bow-tie. It should be in harmony with the shade of the groom’s wedding suit, monophonic coloring is welcome and, of course, it must be skillfully tied. This option is suitable for lovers of aristocratic style. Printed ones are preferable by more eccentric men because it is a part of casual style.

    Cufflinks. They should fit with a ring, a watch, and a tie. You cannot choose too saturated colors, although there must be a contrast. Golden is considered to be a classic color. In any case, consult a tailor.

    Pocket Squares. This is a decorative element that has become classic. With its help, you can make the image more vivid, add zest or, conversely, choose an understated one to match the tone of the bow-tie. You can experiment with it for a long time because there are about ten ways how it can be folded, but even more time you can choose the fabric and its color thanks to the huge variety.

Вызов портного

Make the evening unforgettable!

Creating a family implies moving to a new level. The groom becomes the most important man for his beloved. He obtains a distinctive status, to which he must live up. A reliable, confident husband who can be trusted – this is exactly what a woman wants to see. The ability to dress beautifully means that it is important for him to understand how to introduce himself. A handsome, elegant bridegroom at a festive evening is a prototype of tomorrow’s successful husband who has a plan on how to succeed and knows how to be loved and desired. Such moments are not forgotten, they remain in the memory forever. This is exactly the day where you need to be the best you can be.