Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men’s suit: the importance of details

Buying a men’s suit is pretty simple. Men’s clothing stores are full of various models, goods with interesting design solutions, etc. A different story is to choose a suitable business suit. Time zips along and some models have been replacing others for hundreds of years. Something is a thing of the past, and something has taken on a new, improved look. One way or another, a man’s suit is a must-have for any gentleman who respects himself. It is appropriate always and everywhere: whether it is work, a romantic dinner or an important business meeting. In the modern world, aimed at self-development and success, it is important to be presentable, to be able to monetize your abilities, to know how to make a profit.

Other people help us to attain tops of our dreams and plans: relatives, friends, business partners … Every day they build a staircase for us which are expressed in the form of signed agreements, new business decisions, etc. We interact with people, offer them our services, and we stand for benefit from their actions, which are of key importance to us in return. To advance up the career ladder, you must be reliable. Nothing can characterize a person more than his attitude to himself. An untidily robed man will not be popular with ladies, he will not be invited to social events, where there is an opportunity to make useful acquaintances. Clothing can tell a lot about the wearer. If a man is dressed to the nines, this means that he is attentive to details, that is an important business quality, by the way.

It is impossible to be a part of the world of serious people without a stylish men’s suit. A man who dresses amazingly may brighten up any celebration with his presence. He cannot even have begun to speak, but the very important first impression has already been made. And this is exactly the opinion that says that this charming younker or a respectable man is worthy of attention and respect.

The great Italian sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti once said: “Little things create perfection, and perfection is not a trifle.” And this is right. The evidence of this fact can be found in any creative work, including tailoring. A beautiful men’s suit consists of small details, not always even noticeable, but without which the outfit cannot be considered refined.

  • Пуговицы костюма

    For example, buttons on the sleeve of suit jackets, which are sold by men’s clothing stores in Kyiv, do not work. A tailor can make them functional at the request of the client. Then you can try to unfasten one of them that will look very extraordinary and bold. Besides, a certain distance must be kept between them. These are trifles, but if the proportions are underexposed, there is a risk that the image will be incomplete.

  • Карманы костюма

    Often, a jacket consists of a breast pocket, lapels (straight or acute-angled), side slash or flap pockets. Inside it consists of a collar, a forepart, the upper part of the sleeve. A forepart amplifier is also sewn into and has several layers. The more of them, the better, because they are like a suit frame, which should be sufficiently rigid. Horsehair is used as a connecting material in high-quality suits.

  • Рукав костюма

    Another important nuance is the well-attached sleeve. It must correspond to the length of the jacket, do not form folds and go hand in hand. A sleeve cap is being formed in the upper part which emphasizes the shoulders and reproduces the figure of the customer. It involves soft shoulder pads too.

  • Лацканы костюма

    Also, you need to pay attention to such external details as lapels. In well-stitched models, they do not fit snug. On the contrary, they are a little bulgy and this is the guarantee that the whole silhouette will look manly. But this requires an additional productive process, which can manage only the best tailors.

The type of pocket, the width of the lapels, the number of buttons on the jacket, two suit jacket vents or none of them – that are all trifles, but it is they that give the costume an individuality, a special feature. We are not denying the fact that a well-crafted suit part cannot turn a low-quality product into an exclusive one. However, custom tailoring of a suit is an opportunity to show your originality and increase your status.

Типы тканей для костюма

Fabric for men’s business suits

You can characterize men’s classic suits for a long time according to style, color, etc. But not only a finished product has its properties. There is a quality index for the fiber from which the fabric is made. It is called Super’s and displays the diameter of the yarn in microns. The most sophisticated fabric has a Super’s number of around 250 and a fiber diameter of 13 microns. The higher this number, the softer the fabric. Each type of stylish men’s suite has the recommended indicators of the Super’s index:

  • 100-130. Casual clothes are being sewn from such fabric. The density is moderate, the wear resistance is quite high.

  • 140-170. Fabric is very light and airy, which is very convenient for summer. The average fiber diameter is 16 microns. The material can be used for casual and holiday clothes. It has optimal performance preventing deformation, that is, the fabric does not crumple too much.

  • 180-250. An elite high-quality fabric for exceptional events. Such a material is very delicate, very soft to the touch. The thickness of the fibers is about 12-13 microns. Custom tailoring of men’s suit from such a fabric is the guarantee that the cloth will shimmer and look elegant.

The world-famous European companies work with the above-described materials, among which there are the Belgian company Scabal and the Italian Loro Piana and Zegna. We work closely with them and always have what to offer to our clients from the best world manufactories. Also look at materials such as:

  • Cashmere. This is a frequent choice among successful men. It is deservedly considered one of the best sources of lightweight, durable products that practically do not wrinkle and quickly restore shape. It is also one of the most expensive sources of men’s suits tailoring, however, this is justified by the brilliance, luxury of the finished outfit that you will definitely like.

  • Vicuna wool fabric. The name comes from the eponymous animal living in the limited territories of the Andes. Vicuna fiber is considered the thinnest in the world. It is processed only by hand and is produced in limited quantities. Jackets and trousers are also sewn exclusively by hand when using this particular raw material. Men’s suits made of such material are used for the most important and solemn events.

Types of suits

Men’s classic suit includes men’s three-piece suit and two-piece suit. The three-piece suit has a different number of buttons that must correspond to a specific level of formality:

  • One – used for social events such as going to the casino. It is also a costume for show business representatives. It is impossible to go in such apparel for business lunches. The only button should be fastened.

  • Two – suitable for business meetings. Only one (namely the top button) fastens.

  • Three – the top clasp is hidden under the lapel and is never used. Its loop is on the seamy side of the cloth The bottom buttons can work or only the middle one. Suitable for special occasions.

  • Four – Lapels are significantly reduced in size due to a large number of buttons. This is typical for informal models such as sports. Other elements of the casual style, like patch pockets, are used in the decor of such a three-piece suit.

One can wear such a male wardrobe element everywhere, except for a workout routine. Some types of jackets will not always be appropriate. For example, for an official meeting, you choose a business men’s suit, and for a walk in the park, you can wear a blazer. The ability to understand the conformity with location and appropriate clothing is a part of the overall taste. An overly elegant look may seem out of place, as well as an overly casual look. Custom tailoring in Kyiv creates clothing options that can be conditionally divided into the following types:

  • Official

  • Informal

  • Classic

The official subtype includes the most sophisticated, festive wardrobe items that are worn for the special occasion. The informal type provides comfortable, stylish models for daily use. Increasingly, men use elements of this category even for public meetings. This also includes casual style, which is gaining more and more sympathy among modern young men. A three-piece suit is usually referred to as the classical style. There are two buttons on such conservative models and the lower one remains unfastened. This also includes tuxedos, tailcoats. The most common coloring is black, with a white shirt under the jacket. Experiments are inappropriate. The only shoe option is black patent leather shoes.