Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Classic men’s vest

A classic men’s vest is an element of a three-piece suit, however, with the proper selection of a shirt and trousers, it can be worn independently. Usually, business people prefer a custom-made vest, so that the products fit snugly and, at the same time, do not tighten. Also, being a tailor-made, a men’s vest has the correct both lapels shape and jacket lines proportion. Vests are sewn without collars protrude beyond the lapels and cover the shoulders.

In a three-piece suit, the color of the fabric of a classic vest matches the color of a jacket. The other shades are chosen for more informal events so that the image looks less solemn.

With the right combination, you can also match it with casual clothing. For example, put on a loose-fitting shirt with cut off or rolled-up sleeves, and choose trousers made of fine fabric.

When buying a classic men’s vest, give preference to natural fabrics of discreet shades. In this case, a contrasting pocket square in a jacket can make it less uniform colored.

Men’s vest as a basic element of the wardrobe

You can buy a vest to create an image in the business casual style. This thing complements the shirt and does not claim to be a kind of conservative item. To achieve a similar effect, the shade of trousers should be different from the vest, otherwise, you will create the impression that you just forgot to put on a jacket. Rolled up sleeves will strengthen the image of a brutal man and give it a special charm, especially if he has a slim figure.

The advantage of this style is that you do not need to select colors strictly since there are no specific rules. Just choose a light shirt and dark trousers.

Striped and plaid shirts are acceptable. Besides, elements of Arabic patterns will not become superfluous. For some reasons men do not often wear a vest, so your image will be stunning.

Nevertheless, even with such freedom of selection, it is necessary to choose a tie or bow tie correctly. They will emphasize on your confidence and efficiency. You can stay on a thin tie, but do not forget to tuck it under the vest.

If you like to be in the high light and attract attention, decide on a neckerchief. Such an approach to image establishing will look very exclusive.

Men’s vests in casual style

In addition to standard options, you can buy a men’s vest in Kyiv which is made of other types of fabrics.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Leather or denim vests. In them, a man always looks like a dandy. The level of wear resistance and strength is out of the question if you choose high-quality material. They are easy to combine with different types of clothing: T-shirts, plaid or cotton shirts.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Classic satin or velvet vest. Usually, it is a part of a three-piece suit. The main thing is that the product covers the belt and does not seem too short.

Vest in a man’s wardrobe

This garment has a greater effect than any other accessory. The vest adorns a man, making his look more solid and serious. At the same time, he also does not lose aesthetic properties in everyday fashion image while providing comfort.

You can use a suit vest as a separate item. But, it is recommended that you always have additional options for a change. This is especially true for men’s vests sewn to order and intended to wear separately. They can have interesting color combinations, beautifully executed fittings, including seams, distinguished by a sophisticated trimming.

Five reasons to buy a men’s vest

  • A gentleman cannot bypass such a stylish element as a vest. It must be in the closet of every dandy, and even those who consider clothing only a necessity. You may not even guess when it will come in handy.

  • Using one vest, you can create several completely different looks, thanks to the versatility and ability to combine different shirts, trousers.

  • The classic model has variations. The back part can be elongated or shortened. The neckline is also different: from V-shaped to oval.

  • A custom-made vest is a stylish alternative to a jacket that does not go beyond the boundaries of a business dress code. It can be worn on hot days for work.

  • You can buy a men’s vest and be sure that it will never go out of fashion. These things have passed the test of time and are not going to give up their positions. Men’s vest is always appropriate.

You need to take into account many factors of your figure and appearance to choose a men’s vest that suits you both in the type of cut and color. Favor custom tailoring and be sure of the correctness of your choice.