Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Trousers of the 21st century

Nothing unites people from different walks of life, starting from show business representatives ending with politicians and businessmen, more than jeans. Jeans are a must-have for any person of any profession and any income. No matter how often you have to spend time in a formal suit, but you still love and wear jeans. This is exactly the clothes in which you are most comfortable, and at the same time, you do not worry about your look, because men’s jeans are always stylish.

Such denim trousers can be worn under almost any shirt, vest or jacket. Properly selected combinations are appropriate for almost all events. And only particularly formal meetings will be an exception.

The choice of men’s jeans in Kyiv, and throughout Ukraine, is simply huge. The client is offered to choose from dozens of cut types, styles, and shades of denim. It is easy to get confused in such variety and as a result, buy men’s jeans that do not suit you. But at the same time, this is a large field for fashion experiments and the basis for creating hundreds of stylish images.

Surely you have several ones in wardrobe, but we are not sure that you own exactly your branded men’s jeans that are most suitable only for you (however exaggerated it sounds). Let us explain: the figure of each person is individual, and there are no men with identical parameters all over the world, and this says that only custom-tailored jeans could be taken into account.

Jeans are very practical because they do not require strict combination rules. It’s easy to look after them and, as a bonus, it’s a kind of magic stick for cases when you need to look beautiful, and there is not enough time for preparation. Surely you know this and you can independently extend this endless list of the benefits of men’s jeans. But not everyone knows at least five types of trousers and their features, which will be discussed below.

Types of men’s jeans

Customers often wonder which jeans are better to buy. First of all, you need to consider the features of your figure. Not all styles fit the same type of men. You need to choose carefully. There are so many varieties, and four large categories can be distinguished among them:

  • Classic straight jeans – resembles the very first model. They almost have not changed and retained those features that were inherent in men’s jeans at the beginning of the last century. Suitable for a variety of events and sits well on different builds thanks to the direct cut. Classic jeans do not attract attention to certain parts of the body; they look stylish, but at the same time, are ordinary.

  • Skinny men’s jeans. They are low-waist, have a conical shape with a narrowed lower part. Popular among teens, do not fit plus-size people.

  • Baggy jeans – have the loosest fitting. The peak of their popularity was in the 90s, but even now designers are trying to play around with old patterns. They are very convenient and not interfere with your movement. However, the scope of their use is limited to everyday routine.

  • Loose-fitting jeans. Their characteristic can include an equal leg`s of trousers width throughout the length. They are being worn a little lower than in the traditional version. Trousers can be either loose or baggy. In the second case, denim folds will be created over the entire surface of the apparel.

We will pass from the general characteristics to a more detailed one. The opportunity to buy men’s jeans in Kyiv, in any other city of Ukraine is not limited to these categories. The most popular models belonging to the above groups are:

  • Classic fit – a very popular model that is equally suitable for men of all ages. Legs are narrowed, without turns up. Shoes should be slightly covered. Such jeans will match with a strict white shirt, but will not become superfluous in daily use. For example, you can buy classic jeans and wear a colored print shirt. You can also combine different types of footwear, from sneakers to shoes. In general, trousers will suit any item of clothing. The main thing is that shoes and shirts are in the same style. Another plus is that they are suitable for absolutely all body types, do not fit closely and do not create the effect of baggy pants. Thanks to the above qualities, the demand for buying classic jeans is quite high.

  • Relaxed fit – option opposite to the previous one. The shape is a little baggy but clearly defined. Despite the specific form, they look good on those, whom it fits. However, they are recommended to people of average build. Jeans fit snugly in the area of the hips, but at the same time, they do not constrain movements. You can actively spend time in them: go fishing, walk around the city, and make a flight. Comfort and stylish look are provided to you.

  • Skinny jeans are also a must-have among thin men, most often young people. They can be worn by guys with slim legs and a narrow hip. The fabric fits close to the body and takes its shape. The choice should be treated with caution since the line between sophistication and absurdity is very thin. All this is explained by the style itself: either it suits you or not. But those lucky ones who are skinny can enjoy their impeccable sports figure, which is incredibly emphasized by this type of jeans. Usually, they are longer than necessary and folds are collected in the ankle area. In the same group of skinny men’s jeans, one can distinguish subgroups, depending on their size and how loose they are: super skinny, extreme skinny, etc.

  • Slim fit is chosen by those who also love tight-fitting clothes, but have a larger body type. Men’s slim-fit jeans, which you can order or buy in Kyiv from a tailor, also have a narrower leg, which, however, looks less eccentric. Their great advantage is that the figure practically does not change, that is, there is no effect of fullness or excessive thinness. They are suitable for different builds. You can wear shirts, wide t-shirts or tight T-shirts under these pants.

  • Boot cut or flared jeans. Here, the fabric tightly fits the hips, but the legs of the trousers are flared. They will be liked by those who fancy slim fit jeans type, but do not want the calves to be emphasized, which, unlike in a slim cut, are not distinguished. This is because the leg of the trousers starts to expand smoothly downwards in this area. Such jeans for men make the lower body more proportional and lengthen the silhouette due to their shape. They are worn untucked, often under boots or bluchers shoes. You can combine them with a business casual and just casual style.

  • Loose fit. Perhaps this is the most sporting option. Very often baggy jeans want to buy those who prefer informal clothes. Shirts and jackets are not suitable for wearing together. Better pick up the same baggy sports sweatshirts and t-shirts. As for shoes, one may take sneakers. Pants can be worn by men of different ages, but we especially recommend to those guys who want to hide a thin body or imperfect shape of legs.

Jeans as an element of a business and everyday look

To dilute an overly formal office image, consider buying stylish jeans. Some men even use them as an element of a wedding look, not to mention formal events. This, of course, is a matter of taste for everyone.

To create your image you need to take into account the style and color of the product first of all. We have already talked about the first point, now it’s the turn of the second component.

Light blue jeans match with hoodies, white T-shirts, light shirts or sweaters. Use a leather jacket as an outwear. To make the look more restrained, put on a blazer under a casual shirt. You can improve the image with the help of accessories. Just remember that scarves or ties should match with the color of the shoes.

Black jeans harmonize with sporty items, more casual options, and even classic shirts. The combination with a white shirt and a jacket looks quite solid. Take a tie as an accessory. Complete your image with a trendy coat. In general, a light contrasting top harmonizes well with black jeans.

Jeans of dark shades are more suitable for work. They will not be too catchy but will make you look more stylish. The jacket is also chosen from similar shades: saturated blue, black or brown.

In turn, only real dandy can buy ripped jeans. You need to be careful not to go too far with holes. Besides, it is important to be aware of how to wear them correctly. They are forbidden for business meetings, but acceptable in certain types of activities such as everyday life routine. Ripped jeans can also be combined with: warm knitted sweaters, hoodies, checked shirts, t-shirts and sleeveless shirt.

Alternatively, ripped pants can be combined with a denim shirt over a black tank top. Also choose loafers, sneakers with a white sole or oxfords. Here are a few general rules that will come in handy:

  • The darker the bottom, the brighter the top should be.

  • To keep the proportions while wearing skinny jeans, it is advisable to buy a volumetric top (sweater, baggy sweatshirt).

  • You need to have several shirts of blue and white colors that will always match with jeans.