Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Aesthetic and practical functions of the men`s belt

Men have a less wide range of accessories that can be used to decorate their appearance than women. However, this is a reason to choose one or another leather belt more carefully. Men’s fashion is more likely to focus on styles rather than fleeting seasonal trends. Therefore, in most cases, the elements of the wardrobe change less frequently, that is why accessories are chosen more detailed before making the final decision to buy a men’s belt.

Oddly enough, this narrow strip, called a leather belt, serves only for decoration. The fact is that, theoretically, correctly selected trousers should hold without additional help. This means that you need not buy a men’s belt only so that it supports the pants. Of course, in ancient times, people got benefit from it, but now everything has changed. Surely, this does not mean that you need to refuse the belt for jeans, but you need to remember that first of all it adorns you and emphasizes individuality.

Like any clothes, it can also have its properties, features of style and design. Men’s belts can be combined with one thing, but not be suitable for another. And if at first glance, this is a minor detail that does not deserve attention, then you are mistaken. A beautifully selected belt for men can prettify your fashionable look as much as spoil it with the wrong combination.

Types of men’s belts

Having gathered all the knowledge about fashion and style, it will be fair to note that all wardrobe items can be divided into two groups: casual and official. Men’s leather belt is no exception. To distinguish between these two types, you need to remember that everything classic has a strict form, does not lend itself to change, is painted in pastel, strict colors, consists of discreet details. Casual style, on the contrary, has a spirit of freedom, is open to experimentation and has almost no boundaries. It is filled with saturated shades, unusual shapes.

  • The classic belt for men. Its traditional colors are black and brown. The buckle is small, usually, it has a golden or silver tint. The width of the classic belt is less than a casual one. There is a certain pattern: the larger the buckle, the less formal it is. Along the entire length, there can be a simple ornament that echoes the texture of the shoe. The average width varies from 2 to 4 cm.

  • The casual model has no limits. Everything is possible within the limits of individual preferences and tastes.

How to choose a belt

It makes no sense to explain that the highest quality product is leather. The rule universally says that the higher the quality, the longer the men’s belt will last, and also, the better it will look at you. Premium items are made from soft and new raw materials. If you slide your finger across the belt, you will see how the material is pressed. Old and hard skin does not react to such a touch.

Besides, it is important to monitor the quality of the stitching. With us, you can buy a men’s belt with smooth and neat seams without loose thread. Any hint of careless work is a bad manner. It is a leather men’s belt at which one cannot cut corners. The condition and quality of your belt are proportional to your characteristics and level of self-esteem. Remember that you wear as exquisite clothes as your status and success allow. Be mindful of yourself.

Types of Buckles

  • Open simple buckle – a universal option for any style.

  • Anchor (snap on) buckle. The buckle of this model can be decorated. For example, engraving with initials, emblem or symbol.

  • Flip closure buckle. They are characteristic of fabric belts and have no holes.

It is also possible to buy a men’s leather belt with a removable buckle, which is quite practical, especially if you like the material, texture and you do not want to part with it.

Golden rules for wearing a belt

Custom made men’s leather belt can be striking no less than a coat or suit. Therefore, it should be made of quality leather with a sophisticated buckle. Some general rules could not subject to change for more than a decade. Moreover, they will always be popular. Thus, it is recommended to take into account such nuances:

  • The belt is always matched to the color of the shoes. If you previously ordered a pair of shoes, it makes sense to buy a men’s belt from the same leather with the same stitching.

  • The side edge should be decorated as well as edges slightly rounded.

  • If other leather products are present in the image, make sure that the belt matches them. Besides, the color and metal of the buckle must match other metal accessories, such as watches or cufflinks.

  • In a business style, catchy colors of the belt or eye-catching buckle shape are not acceptable. Stick to minimalism.

How to wear men’s belts

Firstly, belts are not worn with suspenders. Choose a belt or suspenders. Secondly, remember that a men’s leather belt puts under a jeans label. The belt will never be superfluous, the only exception is tuxedo pants. In all other cases, feel free to use this stylish accessory. A fabric belt is suitable for velveteen trousers, chinos or cargo.

The braided belt looks pretty fashionable, but be careful when combining it with a business suit. Perhaps its bulk will stand out against the background of thin tissue. A fairly common men’s belt material is suede. It is most suited to suede shoes. As soon as you have black shoes, immediately buy a black belt.

Ultimately, such formality can be overlooked in casual style, which, however, does not allow you to select accessories that are completely different in color and texture. The more contrast the belt and trousers are, the sportier you look. If you want to make a smooth, inconspicuous transition from a shirt to trousers, choose leather straps to match the color of your pants.