Custom tailoring of men’s clothing: suits, shirts, trousers, overcoats and accessories

Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Custom tailoring of men’s clothing:
advantages and features

Custom tailoring of classic men’s clothing reflects your attitude towards yourself and others. Men`s clothing stores in Kyiv, selling finished products, can offer the client a huge number of models, but all of them will not have such a peculiarity that can only be provided by a tailoring shop service. Your suit is already 50% of the total impression of you, which is being made instantly, in the first seconds of the meeting, until you have even introduced yourself. It is one thing to dress even though a brand but a regular suit, which was sewn to certain general standards, without taking into account the peculiarities of your figure, and another matter is your suit in all senses of the word.

A suit can show the style and taste that you have been honored. A man in good, beautiful clothes looks reliable and confident, inspires the respect of colleagues and makes women admire him. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are going to: a business meeting, graduation, dinner with your beloved or your wedding – it is important to always look your best.

Men`s clothing stores in Kyiv have ready-made designs that are more or less suitable for you: in shape, taste, material, etc. However, they do not fully fit you. Only a tailor can take into account figure type features, hide flaws, emphasize advantages, find the right solution to handle one`s features.

When doing a custom tailoring of men’s clothing, every detail is important: the number of internal and external patch pockets, color, size, button material, collar style, presence and number of suit jacket vents, pleats on trousers, type of lining material, special secret inner pocket, number of belt loops, and much another. Agree that men`s clothing stores in Kyiv will never offer a completely perfect suit.

We provide custom tailoring of men’s clothing in Kyiv using the best methods. Bespoke technology involves the creation of an individual product prototype. Dozens of measurements are being taken to create a pattern. Besides, for great accuracy, we take photos of the client in four projections. This is not only a workflow but also a kind of male ritual with a special atmosphere. When all the details have been agreed upon, the client needs to wait a few weeks. This period is quite justified because a custom tailoring of men’s clothing is 80% manual, which could be explained by high quality. This is a long and painstaking master`s work in compliance with all proportions and the smallest details. All the fittings data and patterns are in storage, therefore, if the client wants to order another suit, it is enough just to inform us.

Types of men`s classic clothes

Men’s suit is the most important attribute of any wardrobe. They are various, differ in the type of sewing, material, etc. (which will be discussed below), but the most common classical distribution is a two-piece suit and a three-piece suit. The first includes a jacket and trousers, the second – plus to all this – a vest.

  • Мужские пиджаки


    Single-breasted – have one row of buttons on one side and buttonholes on another. This is a universal option that suits most men. Double-breasted – official and sophisticated models with two rows of buttons. There are two suit jacket vents for creating the freedom of movement while a suit is buttoned up.

  • Мужской жилет


    A vest is an element that, with proper matching, can become the highlight of a male fashion look. When it is a three-piece suit`s part, it can be worn without a jacket.

  • Мужские брюки


    Trousers are the basis of a whole image. It needs to be sewn very well because it cannot be extra folds. Styles differ depending on the chosen type.

  • Мужской смокинг


    Tuxedo is a wardrobe item for special events. This is an evening jacket of such a dress code as a black tie. Long lapels, often from satin are its features. It is worn with black trousers, a bow-tie or a plastron.

  • Мужской фрак


    Tailcoat – formal dress suit according to the white tie dress code. It is short on the front and has long, narrow coat-tails on the back. Also, it is worn with an exceptionally snow-white shirt.

  • Мужские аксессуары


    Accessories – it includes ties, scarves, cufflinks, and belts. There are certain rules of combination, thanks to which a man’s suit acquires sophistication and gives the owner a stately, confident look.

Типы тканей

Types of fabric

When a customer sets a task for a tailoring shop service in Kyiv to make a suit on order, he thinks he did everything and what is left for him is only to wait. But that’s not all. In addition to discussing the ideas that the tailor offers, you also need to determine the type of fabric. Wool is the best choice for classic men’s clothing. The best raw materials come from England, New Zealand and Australia. It is the wool of the Peruvian vicuna – the thinnest fiber in the world. When it comes to imperial quality, the used fabrics may be only of premium quality, which includes world-famous names such as scabal, loro piana, zegna. These brands are already a guarantee of the quality, which has earned its credibility for years.

  • Ткани Scabal


    The fabric of the Belgian company Scabal is one of the thinnest; its thickness is about 13 microns, which is three times thinner than a human hair. What is interesting, gold threads are often used in production. They also produce cashmere fabric in 35 types.

  • Ткани Loro Piana

    Loro Piana

    Loro Piano worked in the 19th century, and since then they have become one of the best manufacturers of woolen fabrics for jackets or suits. They apply the highest requirements at all stages of production, including the selection of raw materials.

  • Ткани Zegna


    Italian fabrics in Kyiv are also represented by Zegna. Its manufactories use both modern methods and ancient traditions, which have been improving every year. They work with 15 – 18 microns thickness wool.

Men’s Clothing Styles

  • Итальянский стиль

    Italian style

    Stylish men’s clothing is the phrase that Italian tailors are often associated with. For more than several decades, they have been able to maintain leadership positions when it comes to buying men’s clothing. One can write about the secrets of production, talented designers and brand creators for a long time, but almost all Italian workshops are more or less able to sew quality things, bringing the men’s clothing style to unattainable heights.

    It is generally accepted that there is no difference what label is on the lining of your jacket if it was made in Italy. And we are forced to say that that is quite alright. Surely you have heard a lot about maintaining proportions, a fitted silhouette, and other details when it was a conversation about the Italian style. Indeed, in this country to wear clothes beautifully is the whole art that has been taught since childhood. If you know how to combine clothes perfectly, then your fashion image as a whole will look courageously and elegantly. It is not surprising that stylish men’s clothing for you is already a guarantee that women shall like you and it is also an indicator of success. It’s time to summarize all that is known and find out what is still the main buck of Italians.

    The main features are the following principles: no wrinkles on the trousers’ bottom; jacket sleeves are short enough to see the cuff of the shirt; slim-fit trousers; stylish accessories: watches, cufflinks; fitted silhouette, often wide lapels; no suit jacket vents; a different color palette, a tendency to reject the classic black.

  • Английский стиль

    English style

    English classical clothing, first of all, is about simplicity and practicality, conservatism and efficiency. It is considered a kind of standard official dress code. It is known that a stylish men’s fashion image is an indicator of presentability and success. It can reflect the tastes of a real gentleman, his lifestyle and indicate high social affiliation. The owner of such clothes is a reliable, confident man with high ambitions and great achievements.

    Key features: small shoulder pads; a straight or slightly adjacent silhouette; the presence of lapels (thin, with a neckline or without it); two suit jacket vents; minimalism in detail, buttons in the color of the suit; high-waisted trousers; men’s three-piece suit is very popular; particular attention to the length of the trousers (socks should not be noticeable when standing); shirt cuffs should be visible; suspenders are often used (in combination with a belt it may not be worn); the vest in a two-piece suit is a slim-fit and hides the belt or waist; the color of the belt must match the color of the shoes; restrained, discreet tones.

    The restraint in the choice of color deserves special attention. Most often it is black, gray, and brown. Given the history of England, there is also a checkered fabric thanks to the Scottish native ornaments. When speaking on accessories, namely a tie, it is almost the only thing that conservatism and strict rules do not apply to. Stylish men can choose both discreet and flashy colors. It should be noted that the modern tendency to express one’s personality has somewhat softened the strict rules of wearing.

  • Smart casual

    Smart casual

    This style of men`s clothing has become one of the most preferred. And if in the female version it is important to look brilliant, then here it can be characterized in three words: comfortable, casual and elegant. Its essence lies in the competent combination of classic wardrobe items and modern garment. This is a kind of a restraint and formality mix. However, not everything can be worn together, but as in any direction, there are limits to what is permissible. For instance, you can’t wear a jacket with sweatpants. However, one should to wisely wear even those wardrobe items that seem quite appropriate.

    And so, a smart casual for men is a great option for everyday wear, including an office, where a dress code is required. It is chosen by active, confident people who know that appearance is a part of their overall image. Consider the basic principles:

    Flexibility. Even with a basic set of things, one can experiment with a combination. For example, there are no strict laws for wearing one or another shirt.

    Moderation. Anything bright, shiny is not allowed. Minimalism in details, e.g. a classic watch as an accessory. The balance between negligence and restraint. A smart casual look should be presentable and beautiful.

    Neatness. Clothes must be clean and not crumpled. Negligence, in turn, means a slightly loose blazer, not tucked in shirt, opened jacket, rolled up sleeves.

    Convenience. Uncomfortable things are immediately ruled out. The movements must not be constrained so that a man, as in the classic Hollywood film, ought to be ready to put his bag on the ground and at any moment go in pursuit.

Вызов портного

Do not waste time!

If you have decided to make an order for a custom tailoring of men’s clothing but are not in the capital, we are pleased to inform you that the tailor will visit other cities of Ukraine, namely: Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Dnipro to take measurements. A tailor of men’s clothing in your city will help you make the right choice.