Tailor visiting

Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Tailor visiting to the door

In the life of successful man, when every day is scheduled to every minute, it is not always possible to find the time to visit shops.

With «The Imperial Tailoring Co» you have new ability to save your precious time and call the tailor to your house or office where you can select the fabrics, design and give your measurements with comfort. It will take no more than an hour of your time.

Upon request, our tailors come to your place for the first trial. In addition, we deliver the items to your doorstep.

Regardless the number of items you order, we are ready to help even with a single accessorize.

We are always available for you whenever you may need us.

Tailor visit out of the city

Tailor visit is a new service from «The Imperial Tailoring Co»

“When are you going to open your office in our city? – We heard many times from our clients from different cities of Ukraine. – It would be great to have your office nearby.”

We consider your opinion and broaden our representative offices in new cities and countries.

To assign your visit with our tailor in your hotel or place at your convenience, please call 044-272-04-40 or contact us at kiev@mytailor.ru

We take care of your comfort!