Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men’s custom-made shoes

Each element should look perfect in a stylish look. Sometimes customers mistakenly think that the main thing is the suit, and everything else does not matter. But this is not so. It makes no difference whether the shoes are summer or classic, it is still part of a fashionable look and has the same effect on the overall composition as any other item of clothing.

Many conclusions can be drawn about a man simply by looking at his shoes. The quality and condition of his topsiders are a reflection of his attitude to himself. You do not need to be a first-class dandy to monitor the condition and quality of men’s shoes. These are, rather, generally accepted rules. A gentleman cannot allow himself to come to a meeting or just walk around the park in low-quality, untended, or simply worn-out shoes.

Another factor that distinguishes the master of his destiny from other people is convenience. A successful businessman avoids uncomfortable brogues because the quality of his work depends on how comfortable he feels. Buying comfy men’s shoes is just a gesture of self-respect.

Besides, it is not enough to be the owner of a high-quality and excellent pair of shoes. It needs to be involved in your image. Simply put, clothes and shoes should fit in style and complement each other.

Stages of creating high-quality men’s shoes

It doesn’t matter what you prefer more: boaters, brogues, Chukka boots or something else. The important thing is that buying men’s shoes is not so easy if we are talking about premium models, of course.

In the world, there are a lot of people who have difficulty in choosing a quality product. Some need men’s shoes of large sizes, which are either completely out-of-store or just the desired shade is not available. Another common problem is your particularities. For example, one pair of shoes are pinching you, and the next size is too large. It turns out that you are either forced to buy such men’s shoes of large sizes or to walk in tight shoes. There is little joy from this.

For such clients, as well as a style guru, there is individual tailoring of men’s shoes. This is a rather complicated process for a tailor, but on the other hand, every man gets quality service and exquisite shoes.

  • The client comes to try on. We take the necessary data to create an individual boot tree.

  • The manufactured boot tree is checked for compliance with real foot data. If necessary, it is adjusted or replaced according to new indicators. Such thoroughness is necessary so that the men’s shoes like borgs or other ones fit perfectly.

  • After agreeing on all the technical nuances, you can proceed to the most interesting stage: choosing a model, as well as color and material. The client is directly involved in this process.

  • First, you will be introduced to possible samples. Classic shoes can also differ in shades, as well as in the number and type of seams, in the way of mounting the sole. The model could be changed. Also, the customer independently chooses several options of the material and methods of its combinations.

  • Having finally decided on all the nuances, you need to wait 3 weeks and take an exclusive man’s shoes away.

Since the boot tree is selected with absolute accuracy, you just need to inform us when re-ordering the same or a different style. Taking additional measurements is no longer required.

Custom-made shoes will give you a feeling of lightness and comfort because it is made only for you. They do not pinch, do not create discomfort and do not injure the foot. On the contrary, it is ideal because it takes into account all the physiological characteristics. Do not forget that you get men’s summer or classic shoes made in one copy that belongs to you. This means that it is unique, and no one else will have just such a pair, unlike ready-made items in boutiques. Even if you buy branded men’s shoes, you will not be able to feel your style in it, a special charm, after all this is a real luxury.

The benefits of custom-tailoring

  • An opportunity to realize any fashion combinations: form, color, style, etc.

  • The highest quality materials are used because it is the most important criterion.

  • Special attention to every detail. We do not only carefully process each seam, but also take into account the customer vision of each stitch: thread color, shape, thickness, etc.

  • The finished product is completely suitable for you. Any discomfort feelings are excluded.

Popular types of classic men’s shoes

  • Oxfords – a popular business option, which is made of black or brown leather. The surface is generally smooth. It is possible to buy men’s shoes made of suede or textured leather, but sometimes the toe cap or heel cap is framed by perforated leather. Usually, they are worn with trousers, a combination of jeans is unacceptable. It is better to choose pure black oxford shoes without unnecessary jewelry for official events. They can be combined with a tailcoat, tuxedo, and suit.

  • Derby. They are very similar to the previous version, but the main difference is that the quarters are sewn on top of the vamp, that is, the lacing is open. The sides diverge when the laces are untied. The most common material is smooth or perforated leather, there are suede models. They are less formal and will suit any style of clothing, including casual.

  • The Monk Strap is classic men’s shoes without laces. Straps are used for decoration. They are often in metallic shades: copper, gold, silver, so the Monk Strap goes well with cufflinks, watches of the same colors. It is advisable to wear them with skinny cropped trousers or jeans.

  • Loafers. As a rule, people who want to walk a lot want to buy men’s shoes in this style. They are very comfortable, there is no lacing. Outwardly they resemble moccasin slippers but have a higher heel. Men’s summer shoes in the form of loafers are suitable for absolutely all clothing styles, which is very practical. They can be used for outdoor activities or a business meeting. Versatility is their big plus.

  • Brogues are men’s shoes with holes. Lacing can be both open and closed. Per royal decree from one of the princes, the sock was made in the form of the letter W, this tradition took root. The shoe is decorated with an ornamental stitch. There are no specific requirements for the threads, the width, and the total complexity of the pattern, so the brogues are diversified. They are considered to be informal shoes. This is a very convenient and stylish smart-casual option. Feel free to buy velvet pants or a tweed jacket.

  • Dress Boots. They mean a closed ankle. In the capacity of a fastener, there are shoelaces. Smooth skin is on the basis. Everyday models are made of textured brown leather, the types and design of fasteners may vary. Boots suitable for a business style are sewn from black material. As a rule, they are used in cooler seasons. For the winter period, the product is insulated with fur.

  • The Chelsea Boots are men’s rubber ankle boots. They have a thin sole and low heel. They do not have fasteners, but thanks to the rubber insert they are convenient to remove. The style is minimalistic and there are no decorative elements or perforations. The traditional color is black, either leather or suede is used as the material.