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Choose men’s trousers properly

The custom tailoring of men`s trousers is the best contribution to a wardrobe. It is impossible to find a perfectly fitting jacket in a clothing store, but it’s even more unrealistic to decide on trousers that would fit. The biggest problem you may encounter is the extra wrinkles. It is impossible to get rid of them: either men’s chinos have extra wrinkles, or they sit well. There is no way around it.

The fact is that the human body has features and not a single standard pattern used by manufacturers will exactly match your figure. The trousers need to suit well. They should not be loose more than it is prescribed within its fashion design and, of course, a man is not willing to wear tight trousers. You need to look for exactly your size. One way or another, you will have to shorten them and possibly make a narrower. That is for sure a waste of time and money.

The advantage of tailor-made trousers is that we work with bespoke technology. In short, this is a modern approach to individual tailoring. First, we take measurements and then create a pattern, according to which white men’s trousers are sewn. Also, it can be other colors and styles. Since only your data has been taken into account, the guarantee that the order will suit you is 100%. The fabric will not wrinkle, have excess folds and everything will fit you.

Classic men’s trousers

Trousers cannot be called the central element of the male image. Their task is to create a seamless transition between the top and bottom. In some cases, they can make a figure slimmer. However, men’s white trousers, which do not fit in size, bring to naught all the beauty and charm of a beautifully matched jacket, shirt, and tie.

In the classic version, the belt has an additional french fly on the inner side. It is designed to further pulling in the belt at the waist. This contributes to a stronger pulling and closely fitting to the waist. However, for this system to work, men’s trousers should fit well on the figure. If you see that something is too tight somewhere or, conversely, is too loose – the model is not yours. You need to think about it right away to avoid uncomfortable sensations.

Every tailor-made men’s trousers model is not suitable for everyone. Men do not hesitate for a long time and usually know what is more convenient for them. The problem is that they do not always correctly define their style. Men’s trousers, which are smooth in front and have not a single fold, are more suitable for full figured people. For such type of figure, it is better to look for pants with a french fly. They have the opportunity to create additional space in the hips. They are also popular among slender men, especially those who love loose-fitting clothing.

Let’s move on to the bottom part of the trousers. As for the turn-ups, then everything is simple. Custom-made trousers with turn-ups are more suitable for tall men and will make a figure more proportional and slightly reduce the emphasis on impressive growth. It is advisable for people of small stature to choose straight trousers not to lose a couple of centimeters visually. Besides, men’s trousers with a waist stay are better combined with turn-ups and vice versa. All these are general observations and each person has its nuances, to which the right note should be stroked. Custom tailoring and the magic touch of the tailor are the guarantees that your outfit will look elegant.

Types of men’s trousers

When favoring custom made men’s trousers, it is advisable to pay attention, not to trends, but style. Perhaps the last word in fashion will not look good on your figure. Remember, good men’s trousers are the ones that suit you. One shall appertain to trends wisely. A self-respecting man should deal with this issue, know the most popular models and be able to use them properly:

  • Итальянский стиль


    Chinos – a must-have for any age group. Beige and brown coloring is considered more traditional. Young people prefer more saturated colors. A big amount of color variations that can be attributed to the smart-casual style was created. Chinos go well with both classic clothing (jackets, shirts) and casual (comfortable sweaters, pullovers, raglans). It is better not to pick up black clothes and accessories for chinos, as this is a bad combination. Pay attention to brown shoes and the adjacent colors of clothing.

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    Slacks are another option for all types of complexions. They are well suited for both work and leisure as well as comfortable and pleasant to the touch. They are used in summer and warm spring and autumn. A cut is a loose fit. It is advisable not to wear them with sports shoes, bright T-shirts with an inscription. Polo shirts and casual shirts match better.

  • Smart casual


    Corduroy – men’s trousers of this type are worn in cool periods (spring, autumn). Velveteen fabric is very pleasant to the body, wear-resistant and durable. It can be separately classified according to the cord thickness along with ribbed fabric. Speaking of proper use, tailor-made velvet trousers are suitable for any event, except for especially solemn ones. They are convenient to go on a trip, walk, go shopping. The most common color is beige since there is a tendency to use discreet, pastel colors. Corduroy pants should be worn with one-color or plaid shirts.

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    Khaki – despite the name, they come in different colors, but in most, have similar shades. Some call them an alternative to jeans, which one can agree with because these men’s trousers are very comfortable. The top-part in the hip area is tight-fitting, and the bottom is loose-fitting. This is a great option for working in the office and spending free time. There are styles with a waist stay and without it.

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    Skinny trousers

    Skinny trousers – a universal option for wearing classic shirts and casual wear. Suitable for athletic, slim men. There are different shades. Colorful options are chosen for informal events, like white pants. It goes well with a baggy top (shirts, sweaters) and with slim fit shirts, T-shirts, although they are not permissible for situations requiring a specific dress code. The length is shorter than that of classic pants (the ankle is partially closed). Low-rise men’s trousers are not suitable for short people.