Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Types of men’s socks

It’s easy to buy men’s socks, but it’s much difficult task to wear them correctly. Everything that is put on you characterizes you and socks are no exception. Wearing an inappropriate, worn, or old-fashioned model is simply not permissible. These are such subtle rules that are even not accepted to talk about, but they exist and must be observed to avoid awkward situations.

  • Footie socks are used when it is necessary to hide men’s socks or to show them minimally. The need for them is due to certain types of shoes.

  • Sports made of special synthetic material. They are heat-resistant, durable and dry quickly.

  • Classics have an optimal average length. As a rule, they are presented in pastel light colors.

  • Casual suitable for everyday wear, including work in a smart-casual style. They are based on natural fabrics that provide comfort.

  • Knitted or terry this is an option only for home use. They are incredibly pleasant to the touch, warm well and can have a variety of colors.

Men’s socks selection rules

Imagine that you are having a conversation with a tastefully dressed man at an important conference. His jacket seems to have just hanging on a mannequin at the best tailor in Kyiv, his trousers are neatly ironed, and shoes are sparkling with shine. But then he sits down, and under his trousers you see … yellow socks with red stripes. This is a fiasco. That means that it is better to buy men’s socks from your tailor, who will recommend the right shade to prevent such situations.

Moreover, white color is also often considered inappropriate, although it is classic. This is perhaps the most common mistake. White men’s socks do not fit a business men’s suit. Their main purpose is sports. They are even more suitable than black ones for exercising in the gym, outdoor activities, for example, playing football or jogging in the park. However, if you are not going to do anything like that, it is better to put them aside, preferably away from the part where formal men’s socks are collected.

If you are going to wear pants of any kind (jeans are an exception), make sure that the color of men’s socks matches the color of the fabric, not the shoes. It is important. Often men make the mistake of wanting to buy men’s socks to match the color of shoes, not trousers. Then everything is much simpler: brown trousers – brown socks, black trousers – black socks, etc. It is better to get a few pairs of socks for men, and then choose the best option. If you are still in doubt, it is best to choose a darker option.

Prints, humorous and extraordinary inscriptions on men’s socks are permissible only at home. They can not only subject you to criticism but also destroy your career. If you are very extravagant, then you can look at Italian socks. They are also distinguished by the intricacy but are considered acceptable. And so, before you want to buy men’s socks, carefully read the basic rules for combining them, since nothing can harm your image more than ridiculously picked up socks. One can summarize:

  • Socks for men should match the color of the suit, but at the same time, not be darker than the shoes. Try to buy men’s socks based on the shade of the trousers.

  • White men’s socks are not allowed for a business suit. Also forget about catchy ornaments, flashy colors, patterns. Only a discreet checkered print or polka dot is allowed.

  • Socks should be so high that your leg is to be covered while sitting.

  • The elastic should not squeeze the foot too much.

Italian socks

Eccentric Italians prefer bright, light colors not only in suits and shirts but also in other small accessories, so men’s socks were no exception. Their variety just rolls over with colorful saturated colors, intricate designs or stripes. And if they seem frivolous to someone, then you are wrongly mistaken. Italian men’s socks go well with business suits on condition of the right choice of certain models.

The time when gentlemen wore dark colors, such as blue, black, gray, has passed. Of course, these shades remain classics, but modern people are trying to put a spin on their fashionable image. Now some stylish chaos has taken up, which forces manufacturers to work on multi-colored men’s socks. Moreover, you can wear such products not only with sportswear, provided that you can make the image interesting and not comical. The type of fabric, its pattern and color must be carefully selected.

The most daring dandies prefer rich, contrasting colors. For example, under a gray suit, you can wear men’s socks of a honey shade. It is also possible to deduce regularity: it is better to buy brighter men’s socks for a light suit, and, conversely, darker socks for men are combined with a jet black suit.