Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Exclusive prices

Since ancient times, representatives of aristocratic families, as well as people from high society, were different from others. But not titles and wealth made them look noble, but clothes.

Modern people also want to be different, be proud of their aesthetic taste, and enjoy the wonderful moments of life in a comfortable and beautiful men’s attire. As you know, beauty requires sacrifice. Fortunately, you don’t need to force yourself to anything or make yourself wear an uncomfortable suit. Current approaches to custom tailoring, led by bespoke technology, are a guarantee that you will get an outfit that fits a figure perfectly. Besides, the tailor’s skillful fingers will create an incredibly elegant design to suit your physiological characteristics.

What we offer you is very valuable when taking into account invested work and great love for our occupation. We do not sell men’s clothing, we just do what we like and do it professionally, attracting the best resources in the form of fabrics and materials from leaders in the textile industry. Of course, this has its price, including cloth, which, however, is completely incomparable with the high quality that our client receives.

What determines the price?

Every human being is a personality. Everyone has basic preferences, starting from the style of the suit, shirt, ending with the desired fabric or even jewelry insert. These are the criteria that affect cost. The purpose is also taken into account. For example, the price of a wedding suit for the groom will be higher than the cost of casual trousers and a jacket. On average, we provide tailoring services for men’s clothing at the following rates:

  • Men`s suits – from 1100$

  • Ties – from 75$

  • Cufflinks – from 100$

  • Belts – from 100$

  • Scarves – from 100$

Promotions and gift certificate

Follow the information on the site so as not to miss seasonal discounts. We also regularly hold promotions and offer favorable prices when ordering several units of clothing at the same time.

If you are looking for an opportunity to please a close friend or loved one, stop at the original present for men in the form of a gift certificate for custom tailoring in Kyiv. The main advantage is that the person will be satisfied because he will choose all the surprise properties on his own. This not only simplifies your task but also ensures that a man will receive positive emotions from such an original gift.