Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men’s scarf and its purpose

Men’s scarves perform two main functions. Firstly, they are designed to complement the image, give zest to it. Men who know how to wear a scarf have a clear advantage because their appearance becomes not only stylish but also sophisticated. They successfully emphasize their strengths, focus on the best aspects of the character, expressed with the help of an elaborate accessory. Such a man cannot go unnoticed. Women will certainly appreciate the delicate taste, and gentlemen will realize that they are dealing with a man of great influence.

Secondly, the men’s scarf reliably protects from cold piercing winds and rains. Natural fabrics will provide a comfortable feeling, and a dense texture will undoubtedly become a strong shield from the bad weather.

The right approach to choosing men’s scarves

In the modern variety is easy to get confused. To choose the right model you need to answer a few questions for yourself:

  • For what occasion are you looking for a men’s scarf? Maybe you need one for everyday use?

  • Rate your style. Think about your outerwear: is it official or not. What type of coat do I prefer?

  • Variety is not limited to the choice of shade. Some models can age you, or vice versa, refresh your appearance. Consider external data.

Varieties of men’s scarves

Everything has a meaning: fabric, print, pattern, style. Manufacturers try to take into account all the details to create unique things, thanks to which the scarf for men not only warms in the cold autumn days but also adorns you. Due to the huge selection, you will pick up something for yourself.

One of the classification criteria is form. Therefore, a men’s scarf can be of the following types:

  • Keffiyeh – a model invented by the Arabs. This scarf is square-shaped. Men cover their heads with keffiyeh in their homeland. But all over the world, it can be worn as a beautiful accessory. As a rule, it is checkered in color.

  • Pashmina – a scarf for men made of pashmina fabric. It is based on fine wool with small additions of various mixtures. It is very soft and light, quite large. Color variation is unlimited.

  • Snood is a tubular-shaped scarf, which is a ring-like. It has no free ends. Its intended purpose is sports or smart casual style.

These are the three most popular species. Of course, men’s fashion is less variable compared to women’s, but each of these three categories can consist of the most unusual and fashionable patterns. It is known that men’s scarves have always stood out by minimalism, a sense of style and conciseness. Going beyond one of these types is tantamount to oversaturation.

Men’s scarf styles

When choosing a scarf for men, first of all, you still need to focus on practicality, and only then move on to the desired style. Of course, only one similarity with a certain category is not enough, since each man’s scarf has its characteristics. Also, the color of your eyes, hair, and face shape are crucial. However, you still need to stick to the chosen style. To understand how to wear a scarf, stop at one of the categories:

  • Everyday. This is the most unpretentious and, at the same time, the most common type of scarf. It is characterized by an unremarkable texture, lack of decor. Fine or medium knitting is usual for such a type. This scarf for men is well suited for different types of outerwear and is convenient to use. Woolen fabrics are most commonly used, while cashmere is rare.

  • Sports style will appeal to lovers of winter entertainment or just people who spend a lot of time in the freezing air. It protects well from the cool in late autumn and winter. Snoods and scarfs are in great demand since they do not need to be tied. They are ring-like shaped so that it is simple enough to throw over the neck. If you understand how to wear a scarf correctly, you can not only get a stylish detail but also warm your ears and part of your face. Designers often fall back on decorations in the form of fasteners, buttons. If you have sensitive skin, then you can buy an infinity scarf from natural fabrics or cashmere snood. As for knitting, it can be both fine and large, it is possible to combine several types of fabrics.

  • Business. For the manufacture of items of such a category exclusively expensive refined fabrics are used. Alpaca, cashmere is preferable for winter options. Linen, silk, and chiffon fabrics are used for autumn and spring men’s scarves. One can choose a satin scarf for a solemn moment. It is customary to combine plain low-key shades of scarves with classic suits.

  • Romantic. This is a distinctive, noticeable and very stylish accessory sewn of silk, fine wool, linen or cotton. It is characterized by checkered colors, fringe decorations, and an intricate ornamental pattern. A very popular representative of this category is the men`s stole. This is a long and wide scarf. For more eccentric men, there are bright shades, catchy ornaments. With such a man’s scarf, you will find yourself in the spotlight.

Scarf as an image element

Such saturated colorful colors like red, blue, green are more suitable for a sporty style. However, it is better to buy a men’s scarf in restrained, unsaturated colors for everyday life, because in a business image it should not be an accentuating element. If an official meeting is on the line, it is best to opt for a black, gray or white rectangular accessory. Make sure that the products have the right size.

It is better to choose geometric patterns, print and not to be keen on a large number of decorative details. You can combine no more than two colors in one product, everything else is already too much. You must also know how to wear a scarf with certain types of clothing. A scarf over clothing is acceptable in an informal style, provided that you can beautifully tie it. If you wear a business coat, then the scarf is worn only under it.