Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

The difficulties in choosing a men’s coat

In summer gentlemen wear beautiful suits, sophisticated shirts that distinguish them from ordinary men. Nevertheless, the warm season ends some day or other and the rainy one begins. Of course, one will put on the same suits, but they will be hidden under the outer clothing. It is important to choose the right type of men’s coat, fabric, and filler. Besides, like any other clothing, the coat should be perfect in size.

It happens that an outfit of real dandy hides under a winter coat, and at the same time outerwear itself spoils the whole picture because of several reasons. For example, color and size do not fit or style does not look effective on your figure. To avoid such errors, check the compliance of the selected item with the above parameters before buying a men’s coat.

Types of men’s winter coats

  • Ткани Scabal

    Duffle coat

    A popular daily model that is chosen due to its practicality. Elegance and comfort are an integral part of this coat for men. Its main feature is the original rectangular clasp. Besides, a set-in hood will become reliable protection from the weather.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    A double-breasted men’s coat with metal buttons, a straight line of shoulders and one coat vent, which is the prototype of military outerwear. To bring a masculinity to the image, you need to buy such a coat style.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    Today it is an example of strict classics that synthesized the traits of the 19th-century society such as elegance, strict, straight cut, velvet lapels, small flap pockets, and an almost invisible chest pocket. One must not make sweeping changes but it is a winter coat that you can diversify within the framework of its style.

  • Ткани Scabal

    Polo coat

    Has a straight cut, which is very convenient for the game of the same name. Features include a shirt-like turn-down collar, patch pockets. There are single-breasted and double-breasted models. It is comfortable to move in and at the same time, the polo coat is ideal for business meetings.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    Are often chosen by politicians and businessmen, because the coat is sewn so that to look solid, but at the same time not to attract too much attention. In a word – minimalism. It is sewn from expensive, one-colored fabric, buttons are often hidden under the button panel. This men’s coat is well suited for suits and meets all the requirements of a business style.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    A style of a man’s coat. This is a French name that has taken root in other countries, which is not surprising given the role of France in the fashion world. Many will appreciate the English collar on it. One can select different shades and lengths. This is a very stylish casual outfit.

  • Ткани Scabal


    Coat is an uncommon type of youth coat. The first thing that catches your eye is the lack of a set-in sleeve. This is a very practical solution since there is no shoulder seam, which means that the raglan coat will not let moisture when it is rainy. A turn-down collar and a fastener of five buttons are classic components that provide an official look.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    This type owes its origin to the naval forces of Great Britain. And this is proof that it is comfortable and warm. There are a lot of interesting details on it such as large metalized buttons, often with engraved emblems of marine elements like anchor, double-breasted cut, patch pockets. In most cases, it is made in different shades of blue.

  • Ткани Loro Piana

    Covert coat

    This is another style from England. Previously, it was used for horse riding and had several unusual properties. We mean several parallel seams stitching on the cuffs and along the bottom line. It was done to increase wear resistance while doing activities, and now it’s just a guarantee that the apparel will last a long time.

Demi-season men’s coat

Men’s coats can be classified according to the period of use. The demi-season models are less warm compared to a winter coat. However, this does not prevent the owner from feeling comfortable. As a rule, they are worn from mid-autumn to early winter, as well as in cold spring. The average coat can be characterized by narrow shoulders, fitted silhouette. It looks good on all types of figures. It will make thin guys look more solid and large ones – slimmer.

It goes well with both formal clothes and casual, thanks to the stylish coat design and the absence of contrasting catchy elements. The demi-season outerwear is very functional because there are many internal and external pockets. Different materials are used by production. The most preferred are such fabrics:

Cashmere. If you decide to buy a stylish coat made of this material, then you will have a respectable look. It will not only warm you but also reliably protect from rain.

Tweed. The fabric is durable and practical. Typically, tweed models have large pockets and lapels, and some of them get a removable hood. The coat can be called both youth and suitable for middle-aged men.

Drape. The material does not allow wind to blow through. Besides, high-quality lining keeps warm. This is a good modern option for daily wear.

Men often argue about the right coat length. There are no specific rules, each model has its own desired point. It is better to proceed from your preferences. You can buy a long men’s coat if you want to be protected from strong winds. If one does not like the movements to be constrained – then look at the shorter models.

Men’s raincoats

Many confuse the concepts of raincoat and coat. The difference is that men’s raincoats are sewn from waterproof fabric, which practically does not get wet. At the same time, the coat is more exposed to water, because it is based on fabric. The styles are very similar to the coat models. However, they are lighter in weight and often have hoods. They are designed for medium spring and autumn temperatures. The most popular models of men’s raincoats:

  • Ткани Scabal


    The classic model consists of one coat vent, checkered lining, and wide lapels. It is convenient in rainy weather, practically does not get wet because of its high water-resistance.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    This is perhaps the warmest option. It always has a high collar, often trimmed with fur, which protects from piercing winds.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    In such styles, a free cut, a turn-down collar predominates. There are no buckles or belts in its design, but in addition to standard green and dark shades, you can choose brighter colors.

When buying a men’s raincoat, pay attention to its size. The length of the sleeves should not cover the entire wrist, but the shirt cuffs should not be seen. It is better to try it on the clothes that you will wear under a raincoat, so as not to be mistaken.