Overcoat is an essential part of a successful man’s wardrobe, which not only keep warm in cold autumn and winter days but also emphasize your personal style.

Choosing your top coat for a business wardrobe is not an easy job. For a good suit, it is better to select an appropriate bespoke topcoat, which will become an addition to your image.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» works with qualified stylists and designers with years of experience to help you create the perfect image. Creating a topcoat is a real art for us. While creating, we consider many factors, such as the life-style of the client, his attitude, personality and character. In the process of creating, we even consider the kind of cloth you wear underneath.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» uses only advanced technology, as well as natural materials, that afford to create perfect garments. We exclusively use only the best ways of sewing, staying away from the faster, but less durable machine sewing for the traditional high quality handmade. Right from the beginning of the process, we involve the client in every step. We discuss every small detail, because, as we all know, there is no small details in creating of a masterpiece.