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Tie is the best men’s accessory

A tie is a thing that is present in the wardrobe of every man in Ukraine. It doesn’t matter whether you like to wear them or not, but you simply have to have it. It is impossible to look solid, representative without it. A man’s tie is like the final point of a fashionable look, without which even the most beautiful shirts and jackets lose their fashionable look. One can emphasize the harmony of the figure, show grace and just give zest.

The man of our time has a very rich selection of both classic ties and their varieties. You can choose everything: color, fabric, width, length, style. … Given this freedom of choice, you simply must try at least the most common patterns. Nowadays even everyday looks are complemented with a tie or a male bow tie. Of course, there are nuances and there is always a line between conservative and ordinary items, but the fact remains: one cannot create a fashionable image without a tie.

Most often they are classified according to the type of knot, on which the methods of tying a tie depend directly. However, a men’s tie is also divided into types based on width. If the accessory has a width of up to 6 cm, then it is considered thin.

Wider models are called classic. Wide ties are suitable for formal occasions and are more severe. They look good on all types of men. However, if you have a thin physique, we advise you to buy a man’s tie with a minimum width that does not go beyond the classic, which is 6.5 cm. Young guys can choose a thin option for a club or casual style.

Types of ties for every day

There are different methods of tying. A man can create more than 30 different knots thanks to the motion of the hand. Each of them is original in its way and has an individual charm. As a rule, the most practical and, at the same time, stylish models are those which are very popular, among which:

  • Пуговицы костюма

    Regatta – an option for constantly occupied businessmen. It is better to buy a men’s tie of this type if you are busy with work and feel a lack of time. Or, when you simply do not want to comprehend all the subtleties of forming a tie knot. In this model, it is completely ready for use. It remains only to put it on the neck and fasten with a special clasp behind.

  • Карманы костюма

    Windsor – a royal version with a large knot. Naturally, it is popular in England, however, as with us. The main features are a long length and a massive knot. Dense material is used at its creation. A beautifully tied men’s tie always looks symmetrical. Probably most men know how to tie this particular knot.

The most elegant men’s ties

In life, there are times when you need to look better than ever. If it concerns you, it is better to choose among the three most solemn options. They are similar in that they are sewn in the form of a ribbon of exquisite fabrics. They are chosen as an accessory to a wedding suit or an elegant evening look of a real aristocrat, for example, for an opera or play-going.

They cannot be worn every day, including very formal business meetings. It is advisable to take care of buying such a man’s tie in advance since it is being worn on a special holiday occasion.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Shar-pei – a type known for its careless folds. It looks very elegant and not suitable for daily wear. It goes well with formal suits and shirts, and with different types of collars. In Scotland, it is a part of the national dress.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Plastron – originally from France. It is worn under a vest that is sewn from the same fabric. Therefore, the colors must also match. To fasten it, use a pin with a pearl. It is a bit like a Windsor due to massive knots.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Ascot – very often is being confused with plastron. However, it can be worn without a vest. Not a single American wedding ceremony is complete without ascot, although it comes from England of the 18th century. It is being tucked into the shirt and often has a small print.

Men`s bow ties

In addition to the neckties, you need to have bow ties. Unlike the first ones, which, can be used in different areas of life, depending on the model, men’s bow ties always complement a Sunday best. This accessory smoothly transformed from a neckerchief and acquired its modern look only in the second half of the last century. However, this did not prevent the bow tie from becoming male classics.

It can be worn both under a conservative suit and in combination with jeans. White bow ties are chosen while wearing a tailcoat, and black ones – a tuxedo. They come in a variety of colors. You can purchase a solid male bow tie or choose a model with a pattern. It can be either print or polka dot.

Some models can be bought in any store in Kyiv in a finished form, that is, with a knotted bow. However, the most exclusive bow ties are tied manually. Recently, it has been fashionable to wear an untied accessory with ends falling onto a shirt. This modern approach will especially appeal to young guys.

Fancy Men’s Ties

  • Neckerchief – has passed a long way of modifications, until it became exactly what it is today. No one knows where it first appeared, but its history spans centuries. Today, men have the opportunity to choose from an almost immense number of colors, however, as well as try different ways to tie a scarf. The cravat is its other name.

  • Lavalier is a mixture of plastron and ascot. This is a very unusual model, which is most often used by artists and creative people. In Kyiv, you can buy an already tied accessory. Its wide but short ends are charmingly draped. There is a self-titled knot, which one can try to tie from a silk or satin scarf.

  • Bolo – an incredibly sophisticated accessory that came to Ukraine from distant American prairies. Cowboys used it as an attribute of a real man. It consists of lace with a clip and a brooch. The tie clip can be decorated with precious stones. Usually, it is fixed at the level of the top button of the shirt.

The right choice of a necktie

It’s one thing to just buy a men’s tie in Kyiv, and another to find the right accessory. Even if you don’t like to pay much attention to choosing a wardrobe, you still need to have a few ties. Think about your lifestyle. If you are engaged in entrepreneurial activity in such a large city of Ukraine as Kyiv, then get more classic styles for conferences, meetings, etc.

A good tie is sewn of three or more parts. The highest quality products are made of natural wool. There is always a seam on the back that holds the pieces of fabric together. The tie should be straight and not twisted. All seams should be smooth too.

The style and color of a man’s tie depend on many factors. The first thing that is taken into account is the skin tone, hair color, face shape, type of figure. The second component is the shirt and jacket style. It is necessary to consider the width of the lapels, type of collar, vest or jumper neckline. All this is also taken into account by the tailor when individually creating a male image.