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Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

The creation of “The Imperial Tailoring Co”

The history of the company`s Kyiv branch is closely connected with the name of its manager – Steve Kriplani. The first Ukraine office was opened in 2005, although interest in our country has arisen a little earlier. But first things first.

“The Imperial Tailoring Co” is one of the top 10 best ateliers in the world founded by Sammy Kotwani. He started his business in India, studied at design schools in London, gained experience in the best tailors. Now his company has branch offices in the CIS countries, including Ukraine. He invited his cousin Steve, who got to work with great relish, managing the capital’s studio.

Before this, Steve Kriplani has already tried himself in various fields of activity, from the father`s assistant to the founder of his own business. However, he sought to break new ground and joined another kind of activity – tailoring, at the invitation of his brother. At first, he gradually learned the basics of this profession while working at the Moscow branch.

In the early 2000s, the company had already several dozen customers from Ukraine. The brothers periodically came to Kyiv on business trips, took measurements, familiarized costumers with collections of clothes. Then they returned to bring the finished items. In such a format they worked for several years.

The credibility of the company had grown: one of the clients was also a president. Given all the circumstances, there was a need for a permanent office. At that time, Steve Kriplani took a fancy to Kyiv, which reminded him of his homeland. That is why he willingly took on a task in our capital.

  • Итальянский стиль

    Modern studio

    A client who goes on fitting for the first time could be a little confused looking for an entrance. The company does not have a colorful neon sign or other distinctive marks. Everything is quite restrained and minimalistic. The fact is that “The Imperial Tailoring Co” has not any need in such details since most visitors are regular customers who know the road well. The head believes that the best advertising is the customers themselves, who pass on information about the studio to other people.

    The owner personally accepts each guest and directly takes part in all production processes. The company sews: men’s suits, shirts, trousers, vests, tuxedos. The tailor also provides a selection of additional accessories such as cufflinks, bow-ties, ties, pocket squares, etc. One can order a pair of handmade shoes as well.

  • Английский стиль

    Our clients

    The credibility, respect in the community and the transience of the emerging global trends prompt the studio to continuous development. Since the clients are completely different people, including politicians, businessmen, showmen, artists and representatives of other professions, they all have different views and, of course, the need for types of suits. For example, a TV presenter requires a vivid, memorable image, while a politician should not go beyond the boundaries of a business dress code. So, men can choose between English and Italian styles.

    Given the current focus on simplification, the company also develops clothes in a smart casual style, which many young people like. Besides, men often pay a visit with their life partner. Of course, a woman is able, like no one else, to advise her beloved the best option. Often the fair sexes show a desire to acquire a suit from a tailor too. This is one of the areas in which the company plans to develop, moving from experimental tailoring of women’s clothing to well-organized production.

  • Smart casual

    Customer service features

    The company refers to everyone who applies for its services, not as a source of income, but, first of all, as a dear guest or long-standing friend. A conversation takes place in the studio in a homelike atmosphere. It is important for the owner that men can evaluate the level of service, therefore meetings are possible in any other places, including at home or in the client’s office.

    First of all, the owner takes into account the physiological features of the visitor: hair color, complexion and face shape, skin color, type of figure. In the next step, he asks the visitor about his work, lifestyle. All this helps to create an overall picture of a man. Taking into account the information received, various fabric samples are offered as well as the style of the suit is selected. Further, other nuances are being discussed: the number of buttons, lining fabric, the color of threads for buttonholes stitching, etc.

    The next stage is the creation of an individual pattern provided by bespoke technology, which fully reproduces the figure according to the taken measurements. Then the customer comes to the fitting after several weeks of waiting and evaluates his new clothes.

Ground rules of “The Imperial Tailoring Co”

Each self-respecting company has certain rules and concepts on custom tailoring of classic men’s clothing. They have been developed over the years and are based on the experience and professional views of the tailor.

  • Lifetime care for clothing

    Lifetime care for clothing sewn by “The Imperial Tailoring Co”. Free replacement of collars, cuffs, preventive dry cleaning every six months.

  • Each client is a VIP

    and receives due attention and excellent service, regardless of profile, social status, etc.

  • Client taste wishes

    The tailor brings to life only those ideas that, in his opinion, are suitable for the customer. He always takes into account taste preferences, but cannot afford to begin on completely tasteless options. Reputation is what a tailor values.

  • Quality is paramount

    The company does not exclude the refusal because it does not have time to execute the order at the proper level. The tailor does not sew low-quality things.

  • Service concentration

    Meetings and trying on are planned so that everything is comprehensive and economical in terms of time.

  • Personal visit

    A tailor can go to large cities of Ukraine for a personal meeting and discussing all the details.