About us

About the company.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» is one of the world famous tailoring company, which create the style of successful man more than 20 years providing excellent service.

We tailor elite men’s clothing and we are one the 10 best living tailors in the world. «The Imperial Tailoring Co» work with the most famous manufacturers of natural fabrics from England and Italy. In our collection, there are more than a twenty thousand natural fabrics of the highest quality and dramatic option of accessories such as ties, belts, cuffs, buttons and threads. We renew our collections according to the last trends. Our company consists of 12 luxurious VIP class salons in 6 different countries. Many famous clients appreciate the quality of the work of «The Imperial Tailoring Co»: politicians, businessmen, show business, sportsmen. Among the regular clients of the company, there are 7 head of the states of different countries. Using our service, you are guaranteed to get that ideal suit, which will be an object of your pride. Impeccable style created by the highly qualified designers of the salon will match all standards of the fashion industry.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» is setting standards for men suits. Never-ending enthusiasm, talent and love of the job of Steve Kriplani fill every item tailored by us with beauty, elegance and individualism. We do not just make good items, but items for individuals taking their needs, ideas, peculiarities of the look and psychology of the client. All items are exclusively hand stitched without usage of machines.

We are waiting for you in our salon! We are certain that after getting to know our impeccable service, warm atmosphere and splendid mastery, you will indeed become and stay a client of «The Imperial Tailoring Co» for many coming years.