Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Custom tailoring of men’s shirts

Men’s shirts are the basis of a stylish appearance. You can successfully choose a suit, but buy a men’s shirt in Kyiv with an incorrectly selected collar style, with poorly finished cuffs or just make a mistake in choosing a shade. Men’s shirts serve as a background for a jacket, vest. Although most of the shirt is hidden under outer clothing, collars and its types are visible, as, for example, in the version of a shirt under a sweater. And this means that a man’s shirt can become a highlight of a holistic image as well as a huge drawback.

It would seem that everything is typical and there are no special differences in the types of collars, for example. The types of collars can play a cruel joke with those who wear an inappropriate type even if it seems insignificant, at first glance.

You need to pay attention to shades except for the form. Everything matters in creating a stylish look. You need to focus not only on the suit color but also on your external data: eye and hair color, complexion. Sometimes it is quite difficult to figure it out, even if you are used to dressing with care. World stars also have their stylists, and the macho image of the main hero is often the merit of his tailor first of all.

Clothing is a powerful tool. It can make the most unremarkable young man the darling of all hearts, but it also has the power to turn a handsome young man into a tasteless person. Of course, we are interested in making our customers look like real masters of the situation.

The tailor executes an order for custom tailoring, taking into account several factors. He considers your wishes, adds his experience, knowledge and voila – the white men’s shirt is ready! This is how our client sees the process. But between the finished product and your order, there are intermediate steps that are very important for quality work.

Custom shirt tailoring: everything you need to know

We will briefly talk about the process of creating a men’s shirt.

  • Пуговицы костюма

    Measure taking: we take about fifteen measurements.

  • Карманы костюма

    Bespoke technology. A pattern that reproduces exactly your figure and suits only you are being created.

  • Рукав костюма

    Checking the compliance of the result with the original data. Each seam and a button will not be left without attention.

  • Лацканы костюма

    A client tries on a tailored shirt.

In addition to the general services of shirts custom tailoring in Kyiv, we provide comprehensive services related to maintaining quality. The best fabrics are used in production, so the men’s shirt will last a long time. It happens that the product itself is in good keep, but the cuffs or collar is already worn out. Men do not like to give up comfortable things, and we know how to handle it.

  • Пуговицы костюма

    As the details wear out, the collars and cuffs are replaced with new ones. These are the most noticeable parts, so you should carefully look after them. If you like your bow tie shirt, but it needs redecorating, then we will change everything you need and eliminate the flaw. We provide a lifetime warranty on our products.

  • Карманы костюма

    We store all the fitting data, so we will not steal your time for a new fitting if you want to change the collar. Just leave us a shirt and we will do our best. Besides, if you took a fancy to the white men’s shirt, that was sewed by us, for example, then you can order the same one and take it away after a while without coming to us additionally.

Types of men’s shirts

Like every wardrobe item, a men’s shirt has several characteristics by which it is classified. First, let’s figure out the suit cut types. There are three main groups:

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Сlassic-fit – the main feature is a free cut. Such men’s shirts are spacious at the shoulders and waist level. Often they are worn with a jacket and tie, the edges are elongated so that they can be tucked into trousers. Additional space does not constrain movements and allows you to feel comfortable. But if you have a sports figure, then maybe you should not hide it with such style.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Regular-fit – this model snug against more than the previous one, but is not tight. It is advisable to combine it with a jacket. Suitable for any physique and is the golden mean between a little cramped and baggy items. The front and rear edges are shortened. If you want to wear such an outfit, make sure that its length to be no longer than to the middle of the jeans back pocket.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Slim-fit – men’s denim shirt of such a cut or any other type can be a separate element and be worn without a jacket. It is recommended for men of the athletic physique, as it fits tightly around the body, especially on chest and waist levels. Despite the suit slim cut, the button placket should not be tightened. Slim fit can be worn as a casual or business style.

There are pockets in almost all types. It is customary to choose a model without it for official events, but this rule is often ignored.

Men’s white shirts are not the whole variety even for special occasions. The client can choose from plenty of the patterns of the most unusual material. Try bluish, violet shades for gray and blue suit or pink, yellow and ivory for a brown suit.

For everyday wear, a men’s denim shirt or men’s checkered shirts are suitable. You can buy a black men`s shirt, which is an approach for both formal meetings and daily use. The black color is always a hint of sophistication and solidity.

Men’s short-sleeved shirt is a fashionable solution for the summer season. If you choose a long sleeve one with a place for cufflinks, we advise you to listen to the advice of a tailor and choose the most suitable accessory.

Collar types

They are different. A choice depends on the shape of the face. There are a huge number of different typologies, but the most popular are:

  • Карманы костюма

    Button down – a turn-down collar which attaches to a shirt with the help of buttons. It was being used to play polo originally. It is tough and solid. It cannot be worn with a tie but goes well with a casual jacket.

  • Карманы костюма

    Vario – the corners of the collar do not touch the edge of the shirt, as they are made of thick fabric. This is a kind of shirt for wearing with a sweater or vest.

  • Карманы костюма

    Tabpoint – is a classic collar. It is characterized by sharp ends and the presence of a loop, which is not visible under the tie.

  • Карманы костюма

    Kent – a universal option for both every day and business styles. It has slightly long and sharp ends. When buttoned up, the collar has the shape of a regular triangle.

  • Карманы костюма

    Nehru – a strip instead of a standard stand-up collar. It is worn under a men`s jacket or blazer. Such stylish men’s shirts are preferred by young people. In general, this type resembles a casual style.

When choosing a collar, you need to proceed from appearance features, but if you manage to choose the right tie for each collar type, you will at least look elegant.

Types of cuffs

According to the rules, the cuffs should be visible from under the jacket about one and a half centimeters and cover part of the wrist. There are two types:

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Button – cuffs usually fasten with either one or two buttons. The shape of the cuff corners may be sharp or rounded. Sometimes there is an extra button to reduce the size.

  • Типы тканей для костюма

    Cufflinks – high-quality precious metal products are selected. Using cheap cufflinks is a bad idea.

Whichever version you choose, you need to remember that the exceptionally clean, ironed cuff looks good. If you feel that it is time to change it – do not waste time. The tailor will quickly replace all the details.

Types of the button placket

The strip of fabric on which the buttons are placed is called a placket. This is both a technical and an aesthetic component. It also has its typology:

  • Casual – a forepart bends down, and then loops are attached to it.

  • Placket – is a separate braid of fabric, which is a decorative element.

  • Hidden – buttons are attached to the inner strip, and the loops are hidden under a strip of fabric.

As you can see, choosing the right men’s shirt is not easy. It is better to immediately seek the qualified help of a tailor.