Graduation suits

Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men`s graduation suits

High school or university graduation is the beginning of a new stage a young man`s life. The time when a teenager was under the care of his parents is up. Now it is time for him to become a real man, make plans for the future and take full responsibility. Of course, this is an incredibly symbolic evening, even if a graduate has not yet managed to realize everything.

The moment has arrived when it is necessary to take lessons from real gentlemen. These are not beautiful words about narcissistic men. A gentleman does not have to be the most passionate fashionista and understand all subtleties of fashion On the contrary, sometimes he is occupied with affairs distant from the clothing industry. He can be an experienced attorney, a good businessman, and at the same time doubt the choice of his wardrobe. And this is quite normal not to be keen on fashion, because he, as a true professional of his craft, trusts another artist – a tailor. Without a doubt, the best options for everyday life and special holidays can be realized only with the hands of a specialist. That is why gentlemen prefer custom tailoring, and thus choose those models that perfectly fit them. That’s the secret of a successful men`s attractiveness and charm.

Now back to the graduates. Given their new status, it would be good to try on the image of an elegant, handsome young man. As you already understood, the best graduation suit for guys is the custom-made one. Besides, a photo album will certainly be a feather in one’s cap, which you will be happy to demonstrate to friends and relatives. These are the moments that will become history. Look like a heartthrob and a perspective future head of the corporation. Graduation outfits for guys are capable of transforming you beyond recognition. You will see in the mirror a stylish, graceful and incredibly business young man to whom the sky is the limit. Make the first public outing of no more dependent man very memorable and spectacular.

The benefits of custom tailoring

  • We provide a lifetime warranty on our products and free service. If you plan to use apparel at other events, then we will help to make it suitable. You may need to narrow it or, vice versa, to unstitch a graduation suit for guys. It is very convenient and practical because sizes could still change. We will also unconditionally replace the collar. Also, “The Imperial Tailoring Co.” asks a customer to bring suits every six months for dry cleaning routine.

  • Everyone has its features of the figure. Men’s graduation suits from the ready-to-wear boutiques do not take into account exactly your nuances, they are just sewn according to a certain general pattern. Even if such an outfit partially suits you, it is unable to emphasize all the advantages of the figure and hide the flaws.

  • The tailor will take into account the wishes of the client and create a specific model in a specific color. Sewing accessories options is also a matter of customer taste. It is your name that will be on the label.

  • Men receive quality service, which we are trying to make comprehensive. We have all the fitting data left, and if you want to sew another set of clothes, you just need to inform us.

  • Since we provide stitching services, then to buy a suit for graduation also means to receive a universal full dress for any occasion. A client can combine things, use only a jacket or vest, adding accessories. Thus, you can create completely different stylish men’s look.

  • The tailor takes into account the smallest details, starting from the color of the eyes, hair, ending with the character. For example, balanced young people, as a rule, prefer a classic costume to graduation, while more creative ones, on the contrary, are willing to experiment, and are open to new trends.

Graduation outfit`s fabric

As a rule, all celebrations of graduation are being held in the summer. As a rule, it is going to be a hot day, so the choice falls only on high-quality natural materials, in which you look not only amazing but also feel good. One must admit that comfort is a basic need of any person. Beauty has no price because it is all-inclusive along with quality when doing a custom tailoring. We cooperate only with those manufacturers whose reputation does not require verification. We are sure that the best fashionable suit for prom should be made of woolen fabrics.

Saying this, we are completely sure of it, because we work with world leaders: the Belgian textile company Scabal, Italian manufacturers Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, and others. Their products are of the highest quality and do not give reason to doubt this fact for more than a dozen years. These firms use the best fiber from England, Australia to make woolen fabrics – the best material for tailoring suits. Also, we work together with other trusted manufacturers and always update fabric stocks, following new trends.

Вызов портного

Perfect man`s graduation suit

  • Graduation suits option with room to grow is a bad idea because you need to enjoy the holiday here and now. A real man should look attractive.

  • As was mentioned above, the good men’s graduation suits should suit well. Nothing should be tight, but it is also not permissible for the jacket to be too loose. Clothing should be completely suitable for you at the moment, and if you want to buy a suit for prom, which would be in size even after a while, then this is not a problem. The tailor stitches the costume for free according to new fitting data, which is very practical.

  • The length of the trousers depends on the chosen style. In classic models, it should reach the middle of the heel, and in modern summer versions – the ankle.

  • Please note that accessories must be matched with a jacket, trousers, and vest. If there is a pocket square, then its shade should match too.

  • Consider different options. Perhaps the classic black color will look too formal, but after all, prom is a celebration. Take a closer look at the combined options, in which trousers and a jacket are made in the same scale of colors, but have different shades. Also try on brown, blue, white, silver colors.

  • Be creative too. In addition to white, you can choose other color shades or a printed one. The main rule of the whole image is that things should look harmonious together.

The best choice of men`s graduation outfit

Men have a choice no worse than women if taking into account all the available options and use accessories. Let’s start from the most popular models of a man`s fashionable suit for the prom:

  • Пуговицы костюма

    Two-piece suit. This is an example of a classic that is always relevant: a slim-fitted jacket and straight trousers. If you think that this is a bit outdated option, then choose models with a bright lining color, or a colorful jacket pattern, for example, a striped suit.

  • Карманы костюма

    Three-piece suit. It looks very elegant and is remarkable due to its sophistication. To look less formal, you can use pocket square or bow-tie in a smart-casual style. As for practicality, the jacket can be taken off at any time, for example, during fiery dances.

Вызов портного

Fashionable ideas for prom

A person with a rich imagination and even a small awareness of how to do with style can independently come up with a spectacular look. There is nothing complicated about it, but professional advice is desirable in order to look perfect. The tailor takes into account absolutely all the nuances. Below are the most popular options that can be taken as the basis of the look. And so, standard prom clothes for guys. The most classic version consists of the following things:

  • Blazer

  • Shirt

  • Tie

  • Trousers

  • Shoes

Often boys put on a white shirt under a black jacket and a dark tie. To make your outfit look less strict, choose a prom shirt with a small pattern: polka dots, strip. Do not rely on one color, thus, you will expand the possibilities of choice. Wear a black shirt and a gray, blue or burgundy tie. As another option, a white belt for contrast is suitable for a black shirt and trousers. Do not be afraid of bright details. Add a colorful pocket square to your trendy image. This way you get closer to the English style.

The classics also include burgundy and brown suits with shades of red. This outfit does not require additional accents. They can be combined with suede shoes or slip-on sneakers. Let’s move on to white suits. You can use both a white shirt and pastel colors: lilac, pink, pistachio. A black tie with a small print or a bow tie will complement the image, and black or white classic shoes will be the final point.

The style of smart casual will appeal to most boys. As an option for a stylish combination: an indigo jacket, fashionable jeans, a patterned shirt, and a bow tie. As another example – black jeans, a cream jacket and a dark blue shirt with a floral pattern. Woolen or linen trousers, as well as jeans in the color of a shirt, are also suitable for a light-colored jacket.