Linning Fabric

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Lining is a very important part of outerwear and jackets. It is precisely because of lining clothings retain the desired shape. Lining protects the core material from contamination, deformation, abrasion from the inside, and it adds to the comfort and makes it easy to wear them.

Poorly chosen lining can spoil even the expensive and well tailored clothing made of high-quality fabric.

Good lining fabric should ensure uninterrupted airflow. It is also necessary for it to absorb the moisture well and pass it on to the outer layers of the clothing.Simply put, it is necessary to choose such a fabric, which will not make you hot and uncomfortable while wearing your clothing.

In addition, lining fabricshould be smooth and uniform in texture, and durable. This is toensure that the lining protects the fabric from stretching andgetting damaged in the process.

In «The Imperial Tailoring Co» we offer only the highest quality lining fabrics from the most famous manufacturers of the world. Clothings that are made with such lining fabrics to meet all the strict requirements of the clients.

Our friendly staff will always be happy toassist you in choosing the lining fabric, based on: your needs,selected fabric and style of the clothing.