Пошив мужской одежды на заказ

Men’s jacket: types

Stylish men’s jackets will never go off-market. Every man should have several options for different events. The main thing is to be able to wear it properly. Perhaps the easiest way to classify a business suit is to look at its upper part, namely a man’s jacket because it is a centerpiece. To that matter, there are:

  • Ткани Scabal


    Consist of one row of buttons. The edges overlap so much that the jacket is being buttoned up.

  • Ткани Loro Piana


    There are two rows of buttons. The edges overlap the second row enough to button it up.

A matter of taste is which one to choose. Each type is unique. Let’s just say that the first option is more preferable because it fits a wider category of men. This is the most popular choice when you need to buy a jacket for men. People may prefer it because it is easier to match accessories with the single-breasted version. However, a double-breasted cut looks very good on certain types of figures. For example, tall, thin people look slimmer. And, on the contrary, men of strong physique need to be careful not to emphasize too much on a ponderous figure. It is recommended to choose a double-breasted men’s jacket or complement a single-breasted waistcoat for very formal celebrations like a three-piece suit.

  • Итальянский стиль


    We have already found out that the buttons are placed either in one or in two rows. A single-breasted men’s jacket allows up to four, but there are two or three in the most models. The classic suit has three buttons, the prototype of which was an English frock coat. If you choose the right kind of velvet jacket, it will look slimming. According to the rules, the upper and middle buttons or only the middle button is being fastened, and the first option is considered to be more formal. Men’s jackets in Ukraine with two buttons are more commonly used. Their advantage is that a shirt and tie become better noticeable. It makes a man and his appearance slimming.

    Custom tailoring of men’s double-breasted jacket in Kyiv makes it possible to obtain a product consisting of from three up to six buttons, taking into account two vertical rows. That is, in each of them there are either two, or three buttons. Four bottom buttons are operative in models with six ones, but since only one row can be fastened, only two of them are used. On the back, there is an additional button, which is not visible and holds the edge. The last button is never used in a single-breasted tweed jacket for its intended purpose, but in a double-breasted jacket, you can fasten all two working buttons. However, some men consider it to be unnecessary. Only a custom tailoring of a jacket in Kyiv gives assurance that the size will fit you. For example, the height of the buttons relative to the waist can be adjusted for increasing the growth visually. This time-consuming process is stuff only for professionals.

  • Английский стиль


    In the history of fashion, there were many styles of lapels. For instance, in the 70s wide lapels that reached the shoulders were fashionable. Trends have changed and now the most popular models are those that are considered universal and most suitable. These include lapels with an average width, which are selected according to the type of the figure. This is a very tricky proposition, which, if not correctly selected, can spoil the whole image. It is better to wear a tailored suit to be sure of its sophisticated look. There are two main types:

    Notch lapels (serrate lapels). They form a certain space resembling the letter V at the point of connection with the collar.

    Peak lapels. Such pointed to the top type forms only a narrow recess. A similar shape lengthens the figure, makes it slimmer. It is very popular with double-breasted models.

    Serrate lapels are considered to be more formal. It can also be used in single-breasted jacket styles, which are almost not offered by fashionable jacket stores, therefore it is advised to make an order for custom tailoring of men’s suits.

  • Smart casual


    Pockets are different and have a history of emergence. Thereby hangs a tale, but here we have collected the main types of pockets. Therefore, there are such types:

    A slash pocket is the most exclusive model. It is sewn into from the backside and is hidden in a men’s jacket, namely in its lining, which makes it almost invisible. On the outside of the jacket, one can see a top-end, which looks like a neat cut. It is compact and does not attract unnecessary attention. In general, such men’s jacket has a rather fashionable look.

    Slash pocket with flap – it is the same as the previous one. The only difference is the availability of a flap that covers a pocket cut. Such styles are also acceptable at formal events. This option is the most common. Interestingly, you can buy a men’s jacket in Kyiv, which has a flap that can be hidden in the pocket itself. Therefore, it takes the form of a completely slash pocket, which can be called a successful functional solution.

    Slanted pocket. The name speaks for itself: a feature here is a shape. This type is characteristic of English men’s suits since it was invented there. In this country, it also looks perfect.

    A patch pocket is a daily option that looks less strict. It is cut from a separate part of the fabric and is sewn into the front side. It is popular with summer suits. If a pocket was a kind of slash one, it would look too solemnly. It is often used with a sports men’s blazer.

  • Английский стиль

    Suit jacket vents

    A cut-out on the back, designed to provide freedom of movement and quick access to the back pockets, is being called suit jacket vents. There are both styles – without a vent and with two ones. Following this, such types are distinguished:

    A youth jacket for guys without vents – on the positive side is a straight line of the back, emphasizing athletic physique. The disadvantage is that it quickly crumples when sitting.

    Men’s jacket with one vent in the middle – its advantage is noticeable when a man sits down: the jacket expands from below and the fabric wrinkles less.

    Jackets with two vents – it is very comfortable. You will easily reach pockets, crumple it minimally and will not create wrinkles and folds in the sitting position. In general, the silhouette looks holistically and harmoniously.

Вызов портного

Men’s blazer and jacket: differences and features

A blazer is a simplified version of a men’s jacket. Initially, it was used as jackets for sailors, but over time blazer became a separate element of the wardrobe. Differences:

A blazer is an unofficial men’s jacket that cannot be worn for special occasions but may be used in everyday life, including work, when it is in a smart-casual style. The cut is simplified. There are no strict rules on the size of lapels, types of pockets, etc.

A blazer is always made of a monochrome fabric. It may be less sophisticated, but of high quality.

The use of vibrant-colored buttons on a blazer, which need not be combined with the jacket color. The use of embroidered patches is possible. There are always two vents.

There are patch pockets on a blazer. It is suitable only for warm weather, unlike a jacket.

It is fair to say that a men’s jacket is not only strict and conservative. Creating process involves different materials, the result of which is a tweed jacket as an example. The summer jacket is made of lightweight fabric that protects against overheating. A velvet jacket can be used as a club jacket. The image is very stylish and elegant. You will not have to do with bobbling. Besides, its durability is at a high level.

A corduroy jacket is also suitable for work unless the instructions set strict requirements. In general, the summer jacket is striking in its diversity. You can buy a white men`s jacket as a kind of clothing variety for special holidays, including weddings and proms. Do not neglect the opportunity to buy a men’s jacket, even if it is not necessary, because you never know you need it. Besides, it is difficult for a man to create a pleasant impression of his person without a good blazer.