Bespoke tailoring

Bespoke tailoring represented by «The Imperial Tailoring Co» meets all the criteria of high quality custom tailoring. For creation of an individual pattern, we take over 36 measurements of the client and his pictures in at least four projections.

Your name on the suit

Certainly, business people have no need of wearing suit with somebody’s name to accentuate individuality, so called PR of somebody’s brand. Such suits are expensive butfade into the woodwork.

It is much more pleasant to wear suit with your own name. Our clients can order “NAME LABEL” with the choice of character, color and size.


Lifetime guarantee

We feel certain of our work quality and give lifetime guarantee to our suits. Some your clothing has been damaged or no longer fits you as it used to, because of changes in your body structure? Not an issue! Repair, alteration for customers, dry cleaning in «The Imperial Tailoring Co» are free.






Steve Kriplani is Master tailor & the Director of the elite salon «The Imperial Tailoring Co. Ukraine», is certain that proportions are the most important aspect of a suit. In this aspect, a readymade suit made by the best brand from the best available fabric can never be compared to a bespoke suit, which has been tailored specially for you by the best designers and tailors in the industry.

«The Imperial Tailoring Co» focuses on a personal and psychological approach to the creation of suit for every client. The process of tailoring an ideal suit starts with Material selection,   we talk about what kind of suit do you need, and the specific purpose or occasion for which you need your suit. Then, from our large collection of fabrics (about10000samples), the material that best suits you will be selected Professional Cutter take ideal measurements. In the Salon of Steve Kriplani the individual measurements can range from 28 to 36. Our stylists pay attention to every little detail, guided by your preferences and needs.